Your Understanding of MLA...Put to the Test!

Social Influencers...Early 20th Century Style

  • Get in pairs
  • Agree on a cause that you both believe in...can be anything.
  • What would you say to get others to agree with you? In other words, what can you write to get others to believe, do, or act on this cause?
  • What visuals could you use? What symbols?
  • BUT, there's a catch!
  • Use the materials and come up with your message.

A 20th Century Social Influencer: Max Eastman

                                                                                                                                                         Eugene Debs, Max Eastman and Rose Pastor Stokes

Feedback on your 1st Reading Responses/MLA Review

This stuff is pertinent to WP 1, because you'll be citing some of the same sources! Here are some common issues:

  • MLA Format
    • Please, please always include your section # (440 or 441)
  • Citing works in an anthology
  • In text citations basic author/page # guidelines
  • Italicize big things. Little things go inside big things. SO, little things go "inside quotes."
    • Naming What We Know
    • "Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity"
  • When to use "block style" quotes...quotes longer than 4 lines:
  • Academic lingo
    • How to write about other scholars

About Proposals


  • Figure out, based on your assigned role, what primary source from your RTTP text you want to analyze for WP 1. For many of you, there is a document written by your character in the text. Choose one. For many others, instead of a primary source written BY your character, you will choose a primary source who's argument aligns with the point of view of your character.
  • So, you will have to thoroughly read and understand your role sheet.
  • Next, you will have to dive into your text book and find a primary source you think will work.
  • Finally, write a proposal in which you explain your choice. In this proposal you must specify:
    • Who your character is and what his or her viewpoints are, in your own words
    • What primary source you will be analyzing
    • Specify the medium of the primary source (a play? an essay? a short story? a letter? Be specific)
    • Who the author is (your character, or someone else?)
      • If your character is NOT the author of your primary source, you MUST prove why this primary source accurately and compellingly represents your character's world view.
    • What is your character's purpose in making this argument or aligning with this author's argument?

Please bring your proposal as a printed, typed document to class on Tuesday. It should be in MLA format, and should include a Works Cited list. Use the MLA Guide on the WP 1 link to help you with this!