In the first 15 minutes of class, respond to the following in the journal link in Black Board:

  • What has been a specific piece of writing that you've encountered in Triad C that has resonated with you? This may be a piece of writing you read as you researched your rhetorical analysis, a primary source out of Contending Voices, or a piece of writing that Dr. Wooster or your seminar leader has discussed. WHY does this piece of writing stand out? How has it impacted you?
  • Reflect on your writing processes for the rhetorical analysis. How many drafts did you compose? What was your revision process like? Were there times when you were blocked? What did you do to overcome this?
  • How do you currently view yourself as a reader and a writer? Has has your perspective of yourself as a reader and a writer changed since you've been in Triad C?


  • The END is where you should START: the Works Cited list. We'll go over some basic citation styles.
  • An accurate Works Cited list will show you how to create an accurate in-text citation. How to do this.
  • Common in-text citations
  • Using signal phrases
  • Avoid paraphrasing too closely.


Use the rest of the class time to ask me questions, ask someone in your writing group questions, and make revisions.

Stop, Start, Go

Before you leave, please make sure you write the following to me: Stop: Jen, please stop ________________________ Start: Jen, I wish you would do more of _______________________ Go: Jen, keep on _________________________


  • Continue REVISING WP 1. It's due on Feb. 22!!!
    • Bring your most current draft in electronic format to class on Monday.
  • Continue doing broad, investigative research on several different topics that you may want to research for the rest of the semester, starting with WP 3. Please remember, your topic MUST relate to American History before 1865.
  • Add specific sources to your Brainstorming list.
    • Locate at least 1 book FROM PORTAL for each topic. So, that means you'll have 7 books. List the title, author, and call number of each book.
    • OR---if you really feel like you've narrowed down your focus already, you may locate multiple books on 3 or 4 topics.
    • Submit your REVISED brainstorming list via Black Board. You may attach this as a word doc, or you may take a picture of it and submit it as a jpg.
  • Go browse the stacks and LOOK AT YOUR BOOKS!