Make Sure You Have Submitted Your HW

You should now have a revised brainstorming list of possible research topics, along with specific books listed.

WP 1 Workshop -- REVISION

I'll return your drafts.

My General Feedback

Major Issues:

  • Organization issues. Look at your topic sentences of your paragraphs. Make sure everything that follows relates only to that topic sentence. If it doesn't, move it somewhere else. Also look for repetition.
  • Make sure your historical context is distinct from your rhetorical analysis sections.
    • An easy way to organize historical context if by simply going in chronological order
    • Make sure your historical context is building up to the moment your speaker takes to the podium.
  • Thesis statements
  • Documentation

Picky Stuff:

  • Refer to historical figures and authors of articles by their first AND last name on first reference. On subsequent references, refer to them by last name only.
  • Avoid the use of first (I) and second (you) person in formal academic writing.
  • Correct placement of quotation marks
  • Indent long quotes, using block style quotations.
  • Questions???


Use the rest of the class time to make corrections, ask me questions, or conduct peer review.


Continue final revisions of WP 1

  • Don't forget, if you visit the Writing Center, be sure to get a signed and stamped slip. Staple any WC slips to your final submission you turn in on Feb. 22.