Mandatory Conferences

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Attendance at today's conference counts TWICE: Participation & Attendance Grade for Comp and Seminar!


  • REVISE WP 1 Bring an electronic version of your most recent draft (making sure to SAVE your transcript from your recording session before completing your revisions) to class on Tuesday.
  • At some point during this revision, make your FINAL 15 minute video recording. MAKE SURE TO SAVE THE EXACT TRANSCRIPT OF WHAT YOU WROTE DURING THIS 15 MINUTE SESSION.
  • Finish coding your first 15 minute session if needed, and code your 2nd 15 minute session. To do this, you'll need to print out your transcripts, double spaced. Notate both the TIME and the CODE for what you are doing, including during the times when you are not actually writing.
  • Next, crunch the data. Calculate how much time you spent on the main composing activities: drafting, reading instructions, brainstorming, editing, etc.
  • Then, look for patterns. What activities led to "bursts of drafting?" What activities tended to slow you down?
  • Began drafting a short assessment that summarizes your findings of your experiment. Please format your assessment according to MLA guidelines. Make sure you support any conclusions about your writing processes with specific data from your coded transcripts.
  • Revise your assessment; you may want to get some peer feedback from someone in your Writing Group, and then revise. Once you finish all of this, please print this assessment, and staple it along with your printed, coded transcripts, AND a copy of your code to class on Tuesday, Feb. 21. This will count as TWO homework for the coded transcripts and one for the assessment.