Essay Exam Practice

Essay Prompt

Last minute questions about WP 1???

What do you want your peer review partner to help you with?

Find a Peer Review Partner

Between now and Friday, you need to give and receive peer feedback on WP 1. Get with someone in your writing group, and make arrangements for this now.

  • Decide how you'll exchange drafts
  • Set a deadline to:
    • Get your hands on your writer's draft
    • Edit your writer's draft and get it back to them
  • POST YOUR PLAN UNDER TODAY'S JOURNAL. Unlike most journals, these will be visible to everyone in the class, so you can read your partner's plan.
  • Use the RUBRIC to help you with your edit.
  • Use track changes for your peer review.
  • You'll post THE DRAFT YOU EDITED (SOMEONE ELSE'S DRAFT!) TO BLACKBOARD. I will grade you on the quality of the feedback you provide!


Study for the History Exam. Apply the writing process to preparing for the essay questions! In other words, WRITE YOUR SHITTY FIRST DRAFT NOW, NOT DURING THE EXAM!
No class meeting on Friday. Instead, post your completed peer review no later than NOON on Sunday via Black Board.
Good luck!!!