No Comp Class Meeting Today

Good luck on the history exam!

Online Assignment

Complete a peer review of WP 1.

  • Follow the instructions you agreed upon with your partner on Wed. If you don't have a partner, get someone in you writing group to edit your paper, and edit theirs as well
  • Consult the rubric for the assignment as you offer feedback.
  • Use Track Changes to complete your edit.
  • Make sure you get your feedback to your writer no later than Noon on Sunday, via email or however you agreed to exchange drafts.
  • POST THE EDITED DRAFT to Bb no later than NOON on Sunday. This means you will post someone else's draft.

For Monday

COMPINAR Seminar and Comp will combine. Your seminar leader will join us for comp. (No Seminar class meeting...just go to comp).

  • A printed, stapled version of WP 1 is due at the beginning of Comp on Monday.
  • Please also print out a rubric.
  • Attach any CASA writing slips you have for this assignment.