When You Arrive...

You should have both an outline of your argument, and a "shitty first draft" of your position paper. Turn in these copies as soon as you arrive!

What Are We Doin'?

WP 2 is designed to prepare you for the RTTP games sessions, which begin one week from today (gasp!)!

  • Make sure you have a specific claim that is arguable and debatable.
  • While WP 2 will be a written argument, you will translate this genre of writing (a position paper that is meant to be read) into a NEW genre: a public speech that is delivered orally.
  • How will Objections/Rebuttals work?
    • More than likely, you won't have to talk about the objections; your fellow Greenwich Villagers will likely hurl their objections to you after you lay out your argument. You need to be prepared to respond to these objections using logical reasons that are supported by evidence.
  • Suffrage must deliver their speeches on Thursday. Everyone will submit their final draft of WP 2 at the beginning of our shared class on Tuesday.

Peer Review

  • Exchange drafts with someone in the class.
    • Unlike other peer review sessions, you need to think carefully about who you want to read your argument...and who you don't want to read your argument. Think strategically! You may want to stay in your faction...or you may want to court an indeterminate! Either way, get some objective feedback on your argument.
  • Reminders about effective peer review
  • I'll be happy to circulate and answer specific questions about drafts.
  • Your daily grade for today: post YOUR feedback on SOMEONE ELSE'S draft to Bb. Make sure you use track changes.


  • REVISE your position paper, WP 2, based on the feedback you receive today. Come to your conference on Thursday w/ specific questions about your draft.
  • Please make sure you have a printed, stapled copy of your FINAL DRAFT of WP 2 ready for me at the beginning of our shared class on Tuesday, Feb. 27.
  • Remember, I cannot accept late work in Triad K!!!


  • For Tuesday, 2/27: Meet in OCNR 222 during your regular SEMINAR class time. WRITING and SEMINAR will COMBINE for a 75 minute class meeting/our first RTTP game session!!!
  • In preparation for your speeches, make sure and to take some tips from a former Reacting to the Past student on how to give effective speeches: Lily Lamboy Speaking Videos