• Your completed assessment of your Writing Processes essay
  • TWO coded transcripts
  • A print out of your code
  • Please staple all of these documents together.

Thesis Statements...Get One!

  • Y'all are struggling with these still.
  • Thesis statements should be arguable and debatable claims you are going to prove in your paper.
  • Check out the OWL:
  • Where to find a thesis?? Look at your conclusion!
  • Use Jen's "inverted triangle" technique.

Partner Up

Get with a partner in your writing group. Ask your partner the following question, and write down what he or she says:

  • What does your paper do?
  • In one or two sentences, summarize what you concluded based on your rhetorical analysis
  • Next, compare what you wrote to the existing thesis in the paper.

Daily Writing

Go back to your draft and revise, or WRITE your thesis statement for WP 1

Other Issues to Consider

Peer Review Workshop

So, How Will You Apply the Concepts We've Learned about Peer Review?

  • Use the WP 1 Rubric as you offer your writer feedback. You may print this, or fill it out electronically.
  • Ask Your Writer Questions
  • Write a paragraph summarizing your findings at the bottom of your peer's paper, or at the bottom of the rubric.

Writers, Use Your Feedback!

  • Take some time to carefully review your feedback. What do you need to address?


  • REVISE, REVISE, REVISE. Polish and finish your CONTENT for WP 1
  • READ and REVIEW the MLA Documentation Guide. Then, clean up your MLA documentation as best you can. If you are using anything from Wooster's need to cite it!
  • Bring your most recent version of WP 1 to class on Thursday. Please bring both an electronic and print version of your essay! We'll be working with these in Comp and Seminar!