• Sections 183 & 182: Quiz will be over Chapter 6 in CV. This is the chapter you'll be analyzing for WP 2
  • Sections 181 & 180: Quiz will be over Chapter 7 in CV. This is the chapter you'll be analyzing for WP 2

Daily Writing

Please respond to the following prompts:

  • Write a brief summary of your assigned chapter from CV. Make sure the key facts you include in your summary are relevant:
    • Every key point in your summary should help explain why the two figures in the chapter disagreed, and/or why they took the stance they chose.
    • The summary should provide enough historical context to understand the analysis of the primary source documents you'll ultimately analyze.
    • Don't include minor details that aren't pertinent to the disagreement or to the primary source documents.
  • Based on your reading of the primary source documents, who do you think writes with the most conviction and displays the most courage?
  • What evidence from the primary source documents best represents each figure's perspective? Choose pertinent quotes, and justify your and explain your examples.


Refer to the instructions for WP 2 as you begin a rough draft:

  • Choose the primary source documents you want to analyze and discuss in the paper. You must choose at least one primary source from each author. Revise your response to the prompt re. courage and conviction, and use specific quotes from the primary source to support your argument.
  • Finish turning the daily writing you did today into a more cogent first draft.
  • SAVE this draft as WP 2 Draft 1. Obviously, this is an incomplete draft at this point.
  • Post this draft to Bb.