Class is Cancelled Today: Please complete the following online assignments:

READ the instructions to WP 3 - The Research Journal

This assignment has three major components:

  • Research Log
  • MLA Activity
  • Reflection

Begin Building Your Research Log

  • Decide on a format for your Research Log
  • Start with basic articles from Credo and GML. These should give you some basic understanding of your topic. List these on your log.
  • Look at your Round Robin responses (if the topic you are researching is on your Round Robin). What questions are on your Round Robin do you need to find answers to? Look for answers to these questions in America History and Life.
  • SAVE this document.
  • Post this to Blackboard

Daily Writing: Where's the Disagreement?

Go to today's journal entry in Bb and respond to the following prompts:

  • What is the disagreement about your topic?
    • This might be a modern day disagreement, or a disagreement historians are having.
      • Modern day disagreement: Jackson was responsible for the genocide that was the Trail of Tears
      • Historical disagreement: Jefferson over-reached his authority as President by purchasing the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon.
  • Why is there disagreement?
  • What are the varying perspectives? Name as many as you can think of.
  • Who are the key players who represent each faction or perspective?
  • What ended up happening? Who "won" the debate? Why?

Deadline for today's online assignment:

Midnight tonight. Please use the class time wisely and get this knocked out.


  • Bring the Research Proposal (printed copy) that was due at the beginning of class today to class on WEDNESDAY. I'll take these up then.
  • Finish writing your sentence outline for WP 2 - The Critical Analysis, based on the structure you developed today in Seminar.
  • A printed version of your sentence outline is due at the beginning of Seminar on Wed. LATE WORK WON'T BE ACCEPTED.