Breaking Down WP 1

  • Structure of the paper
  • Thesis
  • Academic Documentation

Rhetorical Analysis of Your Speech

Given what you've now read about rhetorical analysis, begin your analysis of the speech by responding to the following prompts in a journal link on Bb:

  • Give examples of each of the main types of rhetorical appeals (logos, ethos, and pathos). Obviously, you will be using direct quotes from your speech.
  • Next, provide some analysis of each appeal. Why does it work? Why is the speaker using this particular tactic? What is the speaker trying to get his audience to feel, think, say, or do?
  • What other types of rhetorical elements are present in the speech? Use our handy dandy Rhetorical Devices in Speeches


  • Finish drafting WP 1.
  • The first fully evolved draft of this paper is due in SEMINAR AND COMP on Monday. Please bring TWO printed versions of your draft with you to Seminar and Comp on Monday. One will be for peer review, the other print out will be for Jen to review. On the print out you give to me, please tell me ONE thing you'd like me to review:
    • Thesis Statement
    • Adequate Historical Context?
    • Accurate Rhetorical Analysis?
    • Accurate MLA documentation
  • I can only read for one of these things (unless you come and see me during office hours. Please indicate on your draft which category you'd like to receive feedback.