From: Coplen, Meredith Sent: Monday, January 29, 2018 12:27:01 PM To: Perez, Lisa; Gutierrez, Alan; Wright, Melissa K; Pena, Jesse; Sanford, Amy.Aldridge; Coons, Roy; Wade, Reginald; Seehorn, Crystal; Bohling, Mark; O'Malley, Barbara; Butler, Wanese; Bustos, Justin; Buttler, Luisa; Moore, Wendy Subject: Availability for Upcoming Webinar -Expressive Activities Committee

Hello, Dr. Albrecht would like to know how many of you are available to view the webinar showcased below.

Day: Tuesday, February 6th Time: 1:00 -2:30 p.m. (CST)

Please let me know as soon as possible so I can set up a room if there are enough attending. Thanks! Meredith

Campuses are caught in a vortex between demands from some student and faculty members to bring controversial speakers to campus and demands from others to ensure a campus free of discrimination and hate speech. Campus leaders are forced to balance important values of academic freedom and the free flow of ideas, including intellectual dissent, against the possible harms and cost from speech and conduct that may endanger the community and compromise the commitment to an inclusive and positive learning environment. Is your institution prepared to protect expression both financially and intellectually while enforcing policies prohibiting harassment, discrimination and disruption? Gather your faculty, staff, administration and students to join in on this webinar that will explore 10 case studies of actual events on campuses in recent months involving controversial speakers, vigorous protests and in some cases violence. The case studies will be used to examine strategies for minimizing the risks of costly disruption, maintaining a positive learning climate, and engaging the campus in productive dialogue towards shared understanding of community, inclusion, expression and first amendment values. Join us on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 and in 90 minutes you will navigate the changing boundaries of speech on your campus, so you can spot a potential problem and de-escalate it before it becomes out of control. Click Here For More Information >

Learning Outcomes Participants will learn how to: Evaluate and assess their current policies to determine the appropriate response to a controversial speaker or event being planned on campus ensure the safety and security of your community, protect academic freedom and support the values of your institution. Learn strategies for fostering campus dialogue on controversial issues differentiate between freedom of expression and disruption to manage academic interruption, campus protests and potential security costs. Create a supportive campus climate for expression while enforcing anti-discrimination laws and policies ensure you uphold your academic mission while modeling appropriate civil discourse and minimize risk of unnecessary and expensive lawsuits. Recognize the boundaries of free speech, academic discourse, disruptive conduct and campus safety uphold institutional policies and procedures to support the institutional mission and minimize risk of disruption. Initiate a campus wide dialogue with faculty, staff, administration and students on the differences between protected and unprotected speech apply lessons learned from recent incidents to proactively address and avoid negative publicity, disruptive protests, and campus turmoil. Click Here for a Full List of Topics Covered >

What You Get When You Attend a PaperClip? Webinar: Great Value: Invite your entire staff for one low price! (one location) Certificate of Completion: A printed certificate for each participant is delivered after the event. Multimedia Discs: Add the event recording and materials to your professional library to use over and over again. Convenient Access: Call in and log in online to attend the 90-minute live event. Specific Feedback: Ask your questions during the Q&A session.

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