Bring your RTTP Text to Class Today

Turn in Your Proposals as Soon as You Arrive

  • This should be a printed, stapled document in MLA format, with a Works Cited list included.

Let's Practice: Find a Quote!

  • Get with a partner. Work collaboratively to choose a compelling quote.
  • Analyze the quote...use the Rhetorical Situation diagram to do this.
  • Finally, decide which Aristotelian tool(s) the writer is utilizing:
    • Logos
    • Ethos
    • Pathos

So, what the heck are we doin'?

WP 1

More Help on Historical Context/Background Info

  • RTTP
    • pp. 16-30 Women's Rights & Suffrage
    • pp. 31-50 Labor & Labor Movements
  • Give Me Liberty
  • Credo Reference

Daily Writing

Open today's Journal link in Bb and respond to the following prompts. Use Use your RTTP text book, your Role Sheet and/or Credo. to fully answer the questions:

  • Who is the writer of my primary source document? Provide a brief bio.
  • What compelled him or her to pick up her pen? What's the back story?
  • What's the medium of the piece of writing?
  • Who do you think is the intended audience? How do you know?
  • Summarize the main points of the piece of writing in your own words.


  • Write your shitty first draft!!!
    • Take all the writing/work you did in Comp today and begin drafting WP 1.
    • Make sure you note where your ideas are coming from, even if you aren't using a direct quotes. So, note the page # and author of your texts, or which Credo article you are using. We'll clean these up into correct MLA format later. Bottom line: you must tell the reader where you found all your information!
    • Hammer out as much of the first two sections of the paper as you can. Do not attempt to write an intro or a thesis yet. We are writing in chewable, bite-sized pieces. Trust me on this.
  • SAVE your draft as WP 1 Draft 1. ATTACH your draft to the link in Bb under "Content." This must be posted by the beginning of class on Thursday. Remember, this is just a "shitty first draft." Just do your best.