First 20 minutes...Guided Peer Review of WP 1. Now that you have a draft, what will you work on next???

  • We will be moving onto other things, then coming back from time to time to WP 1. The expectation is that you keep working on this writing project in brief, regular writing sessions. Remember to SAVE each new version of your draft (WP 1 Draft 1; WP 1 Draft 2; WP 1 Draft 3, etc.).
  • We'll be keeping multiple balls in the air from now til Spring Break. Don't fret! Stick with me and your Seminar leader. We have a plan!!! ;-)

Speaking of...Looking Ahead to the Next Big Projects!!!

Finding a Reason to Research & Write

Discussion: What are some things you are interested in regarding history?
Log into Black Board and complete today's daily writing by responding to the following prompts.

  • List two topics or persons that have been discussed in history so far that you find interesting. What interests you about these people or topics?
  • List another topic or person that relates to American History up to and during the civil war that you may also be interested in researching and writing about. (For example, Sojourner Truth, or the Battle of Gettysburg.) Why this topic or person?
  • Do you think you'd like to continue your research from your Rhetorical Analysis?

Class Discussion

What did you come up with and what's the next step?

  • Exploratory Research
    • DATE your topics before you get MARRIED to them! Find out what they're like!
    • Credo Reference
    • The Bell Library Catalog
    • Your Text books!

Start a Brainstorming List

  • List topics, possible sources, anything you think may help you.
  • Stay focused as you explore possible topics. Ultimately, you will be able to say: "I am joining an ongoing conversation historians are having about ______________________________. I hope to find out _____________________________________ by exploring and researching this topic.
  • Keep you eye on the prize: once you choose a topic and become knowledgeable about it, you will take a stand, and make an argument.


While it's fresh on your mind, make some revisions to WP 1 based on your peer review session. Be sure to SAVE this as a new version (for example, WP 1 Draft 5).
Conduct exploratory research on all of your topics. This might include:

  • Looking in the indexes of your Foner text and CV.
  • Check out the Dictionary of American History database.
  • Locate possible books from the Bell library. Once you do this, go to the library and browse the stacks. If you find a book you really like, check it out! Then, choose a specific chapter you think you'd use.
  • You should have 7 possible research topics you are considering. They may be similar. Remember, we're just dating right now.
  • Add to your list that you created today. Note search terms you are using. Bring your brainstorming list as a printed version to the library on Wed. This will count as a homework grade.
  • We won't meet in CCH on Wed. Instead, we will meet in the Library Instruction room on the 2nd floor of the Bell Library. Come with lots of ideas for your possible research topic!