The Assignment:
The Group Research Presentation is designed to translate your research and argument into a multi-modal presentation in which you attempt to join the ongoing conversations surrounding food in American society in a scholarly and persuasive way. Your individual Research Journal and Argumentative Paper are the "building blocks" for the Research Presentation.

After conducting extensive primary and secondary research on an individual topic, you will form groups that comply with one of the broader themes. As a group, you will create a call to action that uses visual, oral, and written rhetoric.
You may choose to create:

  • A Scholarly Power Point Research Presentation
  • A Marketing Campaign in which you "pitch" your call to action. In addition to making a formal, persuasive oral presentation, you will create marketing components (minimum of 3), that might consist of:
    • Creating a Facebook Page
    • Bumper stickers
    • T-shirts
    • Flyers
    • Press Releases
    • Campaign Style Buttons

All elements of the presentation must be unique. Don't incorporate videos, etc. that someone else put together.

You will be graded on:

  • Your group's visual rhetoric (which is what your group creates)
  • Your group's presentation (how your group presents the visual rhetoric)
  • Your individual contribution to the project


Visual Elements

  • Are colors, symbols, and font styles carefully chosen? Do they convey specific meaning?
  • Is the visual presentation eye catching? Does it encourage someone to stop and find out more?
  • Does the piece convey a specific message and a compelling reason for the viewer to act on the message?
  • Is the layout appropriate for the message? Is it so busy that it distracts from the overall message? Does the layout look too sparse because of too much unused space?
  • Do any statistics, charts, or graphs enhance the presentation or are they distracting because of problems with text size, etc.?
  • Are there NO misspelled words, grammar or usage errors in any part of the presentation?
  • Do the visual elements serve a purpose in the argument? Do they help convince your audience?
  • Are all aspects of the visual presentation professional looking?

Oral Elements

  • Does the oral presentation emphasize scholarly research?
  • Is there a logical flow to the oral presentation? Is the presentation clearly organized?
  • Did all group members speak extemporaneously? Did all presenters avoid reading off a “script” or directly from note cards? Did all presenters avoid reading power point slides, or other text from the visual aids?
  • Is the oral presentation strong enough to stand on its own? Do the visual aids supplement an already strong presentation?
  • Does the content of the oral presentation use effective rhetorical devices to try to convince an audience?
  • Did all presenters come across as credible?