Homework will be assigned in the class plans. The types of homework assignments and the ways you will submit them will vary, so follow the instructions on the class plans carefully. Most of the time, homework assignments will be completed outside of class and turned in as hard (paper) copies, but we will also submit some assignments via Bb. Read the instructions posted on wiki carefully for each individual homework assignment. Homework assignments should be typed and formatted according to MLA documentation guidelines. Homework is due at the beginning of class, and will not be accepted late. Some examples of homework assignments include:

  • Submit a Reading Response
  • Submit drafts of major writing assignments. Sometimes you will upload your drafts to Bb; other times you will submit a draft to me in order so that I may give you feedback. Keeping up with drafting will ensure you are getting good suggestions for revisions and will help your homework average. Even more importantly, it is imperative you are able to demonstrate that you have applied all aspects of the writing process to all the major triad assignments, and include this evidence in your portfolio.
  • Occasionally, we will have in class quizzes over readings or key concepts.
  • Other assignments as posted in the class plans may count toward your homework average.

Daily Writing

Be prepared to write in this class every day. This writing is to be submitted via the Bb in the Journal feature. Daily writing cannot be made up or submitted late. In essence, this is your attendance grade. If you do have to miss class, you are still encouraged to complete the daily writing assignment, as these are designed to help you prepare major writing projects.

Participation/Being a Member of our Writing Community

A lot of what we do in class, and outside of class will be collaborative. So, if you don't complete a homework assignment in which you are asked to offer and receive peer review, or if you don't participate in class activities, you not only are hurting yourself, you are taking away from your peers' learning experiences, as well. Please be a good citizen in our community of writers.