Intentional Integration in Triad E

Theoretical Framework

"A New Era in Learning Community Work: Why the Pedagogy of Intentional Integration Matters" by Emily Lardner and Gillies Malnarich (Washington Center, Improving Undergraduate Education)

  • build cross- disciplinary knowledge, skills are contextualized within LC but transfer to other courses in their undergraduate education
  • integrative learning cannot happen if "coverage of content" is the aim> abilities based education!
  • Stop the "projectitis"! Creating projects as ends in themselves rather than as a means for transformative/significant learning

The Academy in Transition "Integrative Learning: Mapping the Terrain" by Mary Taylor Huber and Pat Hutchings (Association of American Colleges and Universities)

  • "Integrative learning has an emotional appeal- when a student is passionate about what they are learning, topics ignite enthusiasm...integration is more likely to happen"
  • help undergraduates develop into strategic learners
  • Intentional teaching/LC's can help students develop habits of connection making
  • Students and faculty need to "go meta"

Evolution of the Triad E LC 2010- 2014

  • Shared goal: writing & reading intensive LC
    • Essay exams
    • Outside reading in addition to required text
    • Reading & Writing fully supported in Seminar
    • Comp teaches writing processes as it applies to all writing (including in-class essay exams in LL)
    • Challenging readings in Comp via WAW and database articles
  • History & Critical Essays
    • Started as separate history assignments (3!)
    • Comp began "helping;" but essays did not count in comp
    • Spring 2014 (Comp 1302) Critical Essay evolved and combined w/ Rhetorical Analysis in Comp. Essay counted in all three classes; equal instruction time in all three courses. Comp afterwards switched to a traditional assignment sequence, but required historical components in argumentative essays
      • Primary & secondary sources
      • Historical context of current issues
  • History & the Writing Process
    • LL began emphasizing the writing process with the adoption of WAW
      • Jefferson & the Declaration of Independence
      • Tierney & Pearson lesson plan
  • Comp & Critical Essay as a Tool for the Autoethnography
    • Great assignment...if you have 15 students and two classes
  • Probably needs the entire semester
  • Compinars

Fall 2014 Assignment Sequence: It's All about History

(Don't worry, there's tons of Comp theory in there too, Susan!)

Students for the first time are required to research topics that relate to American History prior to reconstruction

Primary Sources & Activity Theory

Bottom line: solid, academic research and better comprehension of complex topics

  • Section 243 activity
  • FY Symposium Video: Thank you Diane Herrero!
  • Final Triad E Portfolio: reflect on your progress as a writer and a scholar

Keys to Success

  • No stand alone Seminar!
  • All Comp Instructors teach the same assignments
  • Large Lecture Prof all in
  • Full-on support of Comp theory in Large Lecture
  • Library workshops/Library Guides
  • Regular, productive meetings (entire LC and comp/seminar teams); revisit shared goals- WEEKLY
  • Longitudinal LC's, which leads to mutual respect & trust = quality assignments and productive class meetings