Welcome to Composition in Triad C: Courage, Conviction & Composition!

Today's Objectives

  • Brief Overview of the Course
    • Triad C Themes:
      • War
      • Revolution/Revolt
      • Citizenship
      • Power/Oppression
      • Equality/Liberty/Order
  • Why this stuff matters
  • Finding the courage to write

About the Course

  • Where to find the syllabus
  • How to contact Jen
  • Texts
  • This LC

Free Write

  • What does free speech mean to you?
  • When have you ever felt censored?


  • Read Chapter 1 in Everything's an Argument. Take notes on the chapter and bring your notes to class on Friday. You may write in your text, or take notes electronically, but you WON'T be allowed to use these for the in-class activity on Friday. You'll only be able to use hand-written notes, or a print out of your notes. (For the rest of the semester, we'll refer to the text as EAA. If you haven't yet purchased the text, it's on reserve in the library.)