Turn in your Reading Reponses as soon as you arrive

Review of Chapter 1, 2 & 3 & Aristotelian Terms

  • I'll return your Chapter 1 quizzes
  • Types of arguments???
  • Rhetorical Triangle?
  • Here's a link on rhetoric that may help, as well.

Form Writing Groups

  • Each class should break into 5 different groups. This means there will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people in each group.
  • Issues to consider: You want a balanced group comprised of members who are strong in different areas, such as:
    • Researching...knows the databases, how to find stuff
    • Proof-reading...strong with grammar, spelling, sentence structure
    • Organizing...reminding members about assignment due dates, keeping everyone organized; willing to contact Jen or your Seminar Instructor on behalf of all group members.
    • Logician/Thinker...able to read for content and alert a writer when she's not making sense. Creative. Is an "out of the box" thinker, even if he or she isn't the most organized person in the group.
  • Exchange email addresses/phone #'s/twitter, facebook, whatever y'all use to communicate.
  • Under the Triad C Writing Groups link, name your group (be creative!) and list all of its members.
  • IMPT: your Writing Group will also be the group you work with for your History Reading Facilitations. The reading facilitations count heavily in all three classes. Choose your group mates wisely!


  • READ Chapter 4 in EAA. Take notes as you read. There will be a Reading Quiz on Wednesday over this material. You may use notes for the quiz, but these must be hand written or printed notes.
  • Review the Syllabus for this class. Look over this carefully, and keep my propensity for reading quizzes in mind as you do this. Come to class on Friday with questions re. the syllabus.