Turn in Your Homework

  • Please have this ready at the beginning of class: printed and stapled. Remember, I cannot accept late work per the Triad K late work policy.

Writing Assessment

Today we are conducting an assessment of your writing. Because this is part of a study, I have to follow very strict guidelines, and read you specific instructions. Please follow these basic steps:

  • You'll need your A#. Don't know it? I can help you.
  • Explanation of what we're doing
  • CLEAR YOUR BROWSER HISTORY (This is important!)
  • Go to this link: https://tamucc.col.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2a6CqrGL6RRByv3
  • The password is Writing Sample
  • Request for Participation
  • Complete the Writing Activity
  • Post your writing to the survey (optional) and to Black Board, under today's Journal link (NOT optional if you want credit for being here!)


  • READ the handout called Writing Processes
  • READ the chapter on Rhetorical Analysis. TAKE NOTES AS YOU READ. BRING THESE AS A PRINTED DOCUMENT (hand-written or printed versions of your lap top notes) TO CLASS ON TUESDAY. (Hmmm...wonder why I would have you bring your notes???)

Please bring your Greenwich Village 1913 text to Comp (Writing & Rhetoric) on Tuesday, in addition to your notes from the above readings!