Reading Responses Due at the Beginning of Class

  • Please bring printed, stapled copies
  • Please remember that because of the Triad E late work policy, I cannot accept late work. I feel your pain 8am class! ;-)

Writing Activity


  • WRITE: "Naming What You Know ...So Far." Go to the "journal" link in Black Board and respond to the following prompt:
    • So far, what have you learned about writing and yourself as reader/writer/learner/thinker this semester?
  • READ: more about rhetoric by clicking on the link:
    • This article describes rhetorical appeals in more detail. Take notes, and bring these to class on Tuesday ( may want to combine these with the notes you took in class on Tuesday). If you like to take notes electronically (say on your lap top) print out your notes and bring them to class.
    • Please bring your Give Me Liberty text book to COMP on Tuesday.
    • Don't forget to read & study for your Contending Voices Chapter 2 quiz in Seminar!