Chapter 4 Quiz

Please clear your desks of everything accept your notes at the beginning of class.

Questions about the Syllabus, or Life in General?

About Those Writing Groups & History Reading Facilitations...

  • MAKE SURE your Writing Group is posted to the Triad C Writing Groups page!
  • Evaluations Count! You will evaluate your fellow group members and your fellow classmates will evaluate your group facilitation.
  • Why Group Work?

Helllooooo Writing Project 1!!!

  • 3 ways to go about this:
    • Pick a person
    • Pick a historical period (it has to be before 1865)
    • Pick a speech
  • Using the glorious and amazing Triad C Library Guide
  • Use Contending Voices to get ideas
  • Think ahead to Writing Project 4 - the historical argument


Poke around the Triad C library guide and read through some speeches you may want to analyze. Choose at least three speeches you find interesting. Create a Reading Response in which you do the following for EACH speech:

  • Identify the title of the speech.
  • Identify the historical period, and explain and discuss what prompted the speech to be delivered. You may need to use Credo Reference or your Give Me Liberty text to figure this out.
  • Choose three quotes you find compelling and copy and paste them into your document.
  • Explain what you like about the speech.

Please bring this to the beginning of class on Friday as a printed document.