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Rhetorical Devices in Speeches

Let's Hear Some Free Speech!

Speeches are just that...speech. So, let's hear some excerpts. How does the rhetoric "change" when you HEAR the words, versus READ the words???

Daily Writing

Go to the journal link in Bb, and free write on your speech choices:

  • Which speech are you leaning towards? Why?
  • How did hearing some speeches read aloud change your perception? Why?
  • What interests you about the historical period of your speech? (This will be a BIG part of your research and your paper).
  • Identify a specific rhetorical device from the handout posted above that is used in your speech, and discuss its use in your speech.


Time to get committed!

  • Make your final choice on the speech you wish to analyze for WP 1.
  • Post the title of your speech, and a link to it, if possible, to the assignment under Blackboard called "Here's My Speech!"
  • Then, write a short summary of your speech (1-3 paragraphs) in the same Bb post.
  • Using the Triad C Library Guide, click on 1) Credo Reference and 2) America History & Life, and find at least 4 sources that discuss the historical context of your speech. Start a Research Log for this project. Attach the Research Log to your Bb submission, and make sure and save it for future use.