Please bring your Greenwich Village 1913 text to Comp (Writing & Rhetoric) today!

Test Your Knowledge of Rhetoric

Let's Figure Out WP 1 - The Rhetorical Analysis

What is this Greenwich Village stuff all about???

  • Credo Reference:EVERYONE read the article entitled "Greenwich Village" in the Encyclopedia of Urban America.
  • Next...form four groups to research the following:
    • Women's Suffrage/1st Wave of Feminism (include Greenwich Village in your search terms; also try "heterodoxy")
    • 20th Century Labor Movement (start w/ search term IWW)
    • Margaret Sanger (include "Greenwich Village" in your search terms)
    • "Bohemianism" in the Encyclopedia of Urban America


Brush up on MLA! Please review the following links in OWL again.

Then, make sure you understand the intricacies of these particular parts of MLA:

  • Correct MLA heading
  • Correct MLA page format
  • Correct formatting of a Works Cited list
  • How to cite an anthology (print edition)
  • How to cite a book
  • Correct parenthetical (in-text) citations of books and electronic documents.

Be ready for a quiz on Thursday!