Test Your Knowledge of Rhetoric ;-O

History & Rhetoric

Get into groups of 5. Each group will be assigned a poster. As a group, figure out:

  • What is argument the image is making? What is it asking us to do, think, believe, or feel?
  • What is the historical context of the image (why was it produced? What was going on?) Draw on your prior knowledge, then use whatever credible resources you can to find out more (Credo Reference Database? Your text book???).
  • What sort of appeal does the image make: emotional? logical? Does the image use a spokesperson or a famous figure?
  • Is the image effective? Why or why not?

Each group will present their findings to the class.

What did we just do?

You just conducted another rhetorical analysis, very similar to what we'll be doing for Writing Project 1!!! So, what questions do you have about this assignment?

Daily Writing

Go to the Journal link in Blackboard and respond to the following prompts:

  • Think about the last time you had to compose a piece of writing. What did you do to prepare for this task? How did you get ready to write?
  • Think of a time when you've had someone else read your writing and ask for their feedback (or, perhaps turned in a draft and your teacher returned it with suggestions for corrections). What was that like? Did you use the feedback? In what ways did you change your writing after the feedback?
  • In what ways do you think that writing and reading are connected?
  • Think of all the different sorts of writing you do in a day. List as many kinds of writing as you can think of (yes, texting is writing!). In what ways do you think your writing changes as the purpose for your writing or your audience changes?

Overview of Writing Processes