Bring Your 2nd Reading Response

These should be printed, stapled. Due @ the beginning of class...but don't turn them in yet.

Guess What? You've already written a "mini" Rhetorical Analysis!

  • Writing Project 2
  • What is the Rhetorical Situation??
  • Now, review the Reading Response you wrote on Blake Hurst. I'll need some volunteers to share their writing with the class.
  • How to "unpack" the rhetorical situation.
  • Aristotelian rhetoric in 2 minutes! (You'll read more about this later.)
    • Logos
    • Ethos
    • Pathos

What we're going to do AS WE WRITE the rhetorical analysis:

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10 Minute Break

Class Discussion: Recipes

Daily Writing

Respond to the following prompts in the Bb journal for today.

  • Describe your recipe. What is it and why did you choose this recipe?
  • What's this recipe's significance to you? Your family?
  • Have you ever prepared this recipe yourself? If not, who makes it?
  • If you were going to convince someone to make this recipe themselves, what would you tell them?

Have fun w/ a recipe blog

  • Copy and paste your daily writing into a new blog post on your Wix site, or whatever platform you're using.
  • Begin revising, and polishing what you've written
  • Transcribe the actual recipe into your blog post.
  • Add photos and hyper links
  • A note on copyright
    • Wix free to use
    • Google image search
    • Wiki media commons


  • READ: more about rhetoric by clicking on the link:
    • This article describes rhetorical appeals in more detail. Take notes, and bring these to class on Monday ( may want to combine these with the notes you took in class today). If you like to take notes electronically (say on your lap top) print out your notes and bring them to class.
  • Carefully review the guidelines for Writing Project 1 AND Writing Project 2. Come to class on Monday with questions about these assignments.
  • READ the handout on Writing Processes
  • BEGIN READING "The Composing Processes of Unskilled College Writers" by Sondra Perl. TAKE NOTES. This is a dense text. You may have to read this more than once for comprehension. Do your best.
  • Compose a Reading Response in which you respond to the following prompts on the Perl article:
    • Why is it significant that Perl concluded the research subjects' writing processes were actually "consistent," instead of "scattered?"
    • What were Perl's critiques of previous writing studies? Discuss the limitations of these studies?
    • Now that you read Perl's approach, how would you distinguish "drafting" from "editing." How do you go about these processes in your own writing?
    • Using modern day technology, describe how you would conduct a study similar to Perl's.
  • Please bring your Reading Response as a printed, stapled document to class on Monday (last RR for a while...pinky swear).