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JenniferBray: July102017

Please Turn in Your Perl Reading Responses as Soon as You Arrive

These should be printed, stapled versions. I cannot accept work that's submitted late.

Class Discussion: Perl

Thanks to Brian Owens

Thanks to Damaris Georgiadis:

Thanks to Felly Jacobo:

Thanks to Travis Benton:

Small Group Brainstorming: How Will I Document and Analyze My Writing Processes?

Get into your newly formed Writing Groups! Assign someone to take notes. You'll need this information later!

Report your group's methods to the class.

10 Minute Break

Getting Ready to Draft Writing Project 2

Research Basics

You're going to need to do some basic research on your author and the historical context behind the article itself. Check out our Food Library Guide

Next, you'll need to investigate the publication in which your article was published.


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