Let's Watch Some Videos!

You should have your 2 minute excerpt of one of your recording sessions posted to Bb by the time you arrive. Volunteers?

Class Discussion

What are your take aways from analyzing your writing processes?

Draft Writing Project 1

You should have all of your materials for this project w/ you today:

  • Coded transcripts
  • Your Code
  • Your videos

First, code the rest of your transcripts. Then, "crunch the numbers." Figure out how long you spent on each activity that you coded. Look for recursive patterns. Look for patterns the led you to get "stuck," and look for patterns that led to bursts of drafting.
Next, respond to the Daily Writing in Bb. This is more pre-writing to get you going drafting WP 1.
After this, you're ready to begin actually drafting.

Using the pre-writing you did in Bb yesterday and today, open a word document and begin drafting WP 1. This will be set up like a scientific report. So, you should have the following sections:

  • Review of Scholarly Literature (discuss Perl's experiment, citing her article)
  • Methods (discuss every aspect of your experiment)
  • Findings (discuss what you did when you write...just state facts)
  • Analysis/Conclusion (answer the "so what?" question. What were your take aways?)

10 Minute Break

MLA Feedback

  • Headings & headers
  • Italics v. quotation marks
  • Work Cited
  • Block style quotes for direct quotes longer than 4 lines
  • Signal phrases and in-text citations
  • Make sure to use the 8th Edition of MLA

MLA Particulars for WP 1

  • How to cite Perl
  • How to set up your Appendices


  • Finish the Daily Writing that is posted in today's Black Board Journal link. This should help you finish pre-writing WP 1.
  • Get as much drafted on WP 1 as possible. Your goal should be to draft all parts of the paper, even if some parts are still rough.
  • '''Bring an electronic version of your most recent draft of WP 1 to class on Thursday. You'll need this for peer review. If you have attempted to draft all parts of the paper, I will give you credit for a homework grade.