Make sure you have an electronic version of your most up to date draft of WP 1 with you when you arrive.

This counts as a homework grade.

Questions about WP 1?

Peer Review

First, we'll watch a short video on peer review.

  • Exchange what you've written so far with someone in your writing group. Provide some thoughtful feedback. Ask your writer questions.


Revise WP 1 based on the feedback you received.

Get Feedback from Jen

I'll stay for the remainder of the class time to give you one on one feedback on your papers.

Please Complete This Survey

Please help the university conduct some important research by participating in a survey. Click HERE for all the details/link to the survey.


Finish drafting Writing Project 1. You'll likely want to go to the Writing Center and/or get another round of peer feedback.

  • Here's a sample of what the MLA should look like for WP 1. MLA WP 1 Sample
  • The final, published version of this project is due at the beginning of class on Monday. Late work won't be accepted unless you have an approved extension.
  • Please bring WP 1 as a printed, stapled version. This project should include your document in MLA format, including a Work Cited list, and appendices of your coded transcripts and your code.

If you didn't have a chance in class, please do complete the survey on the Campus Community Index. Click HERE for all the details/link to the survey.
Continue working on WP 2! This project is due on Tuesday. Bring an electronic version of your most recent draft of class on Monday for peer review. Do your best to get most of the required elements of the paper drafted by Monday.
Want to get ahead? Our next reading is "The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food" by Michael Moss