WP 1 Due As Soon as You Arrive!

Please have your stapled, printed project ready to go.

Finish Revising WP 2

You should have an electronic version of your most recent draft with you today.

Help with Historical Context

In addition to summarizing the article you are analyzing, you'll need to provide some historical context for when this article was published.

  • What was going on politically when the article was published? Who was President? What was the mood of the country. Answer these questions to figure out what compelled the author to pick up the pen and write.
    • For those of you who are analyzing "Unhappy Meals," Pollan discusses how he came to write this in the video we watched on the first day of class. You may cite this video!
  • What was going on socially at the time?
  • What historic or political events may have compelled your writer to publish this piece of writing?
    • For those of you analyzing Monsanto, you'll want to note the SCOTUS 1980 decision.
  • Use Academic Search Complete and Credo Reference to help with this.

Help with Understanding Your Publication

  • How to use Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.
  • Food Library Guide

Do some writing!

10 Minute Break

Thesis Statements...Get One!

  • Thesis statements should be arguable and debatable claims you are going to prove in your paper.
  • Check out the OWL: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/545/01/
  • Where to find a thesis?? Look at your conclusion!
  • Use Jen's "inverted triangle" technique.

Partner Up

Get with a partner in your writing group. Ask your partner the following question, and write down what he or she says:

  • What does your paper do?
  • In one or two sentences, summarize what you concluded based on your rhetorical analysis
  • Next, compare what you wrote to the existing thesis in the paper.

Daily Writing

Go back to your draft and revise, or WRITE your thesis statement for WP 2. Revise your thesis in Bb under the journal link for today by copying and pasting your original thesis, and then your revised thesis. Or, compose a thesis for WP 2.

Don't Forget MLA Documentation

  • Cite ANY outside research that is not common knowledge
  • Cite your article
    • Using in-text citations and signal phrases.


  • Finish drafting WP 2.
  • Get and receive peer feedback on your draft from someone in your writing group.
  • Make needed revisions
  • Please have a printed and stapled version, with a Works Cited page attached, ready to go at the beginning of class on Tuesday.

Reminder: Team First Draft (Trevor, Edward, Dustin, Oscar) will lead our second Discussion Facilitation over "The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food" by Michael Moss on Wednesday!