WP 2 Due!

Please turn in a printed, stapled version of this project as soon as you arrive!

Let's Get this Food Party Started: Choosing a Topic You'll Research & Write about the Rest of the Semester!

Let's go over the next assignment: WP 3!!!!


Instead of thinking about writing a "boring, old research paper," let's approach this in a different way.

  • Fun on the White Board
    • List 3 things, anything, you are passionate about.
    • Think about how you can relate these topics to food.
    • Let's categorize the topics
    • What other topics that relate to food are you interested in researching?

Preliminary Research

Remember, you always want to go on a few dates before you get married. Using our handy-dandy Library Guide, and then poke around the databases a bit. Find some articles and skim them. It's probably a good idea to see what's in Points of View Reference Center to begin with. Find at least 3 articles from the databases for each possible topic you are considering.

Write about your potential topics

Go to the Journal link in Bb for today and respond to the following prompts:

  • List the three possible topics you are exploring, and then list the titles of the articles you found for each topic (you should have a minimum of 3 topics and 9 article titles total)
  • For each topic, what's something new you've already learned from skimming the articles? Be specific!
  • For each topic, explain what you want to learn by researching this particular subject.

Talk about your potential topics

  • Get into your writing group and introduce your potential topics to the group.
  • Give each member some feedback on their choices, and how you think the topic will work for the specific assignments.
  • Provide each group member new questions to use to find out more about their topic.

10 Minute Break

Food Blog!

Here's some down and dirty advice on writing effective blogs.

Our next blog: Translate your Rhetorical Analysis (WP 2) into a blog post. How will your writing change when you switch from an academic genre to the genre of a food blog? Use the rest of the time in class to begin drafting this blog.


READ: "The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food". Take notes as you read, and be ready to thoughtfully contribute to our class discussion. Be sure and bring any notes you take to class, as these will count as a homework grade. Team First Draft (Trevor, Edward, Dustin, Oscar) will be leading our discussion.

DECIDE on a topic you're going to research and write about for the rest of the session. Complete the assignment in Bb, then begin your Research Log. Come to class on Tuesday w/ at least 3 scholarly, peer reviewed articles on your topic listed on your Research Log.

DRAFT your 2nd blog post. For this post, you'll convert your Rhetorical Analysis into a blog post. Make sure you have this blog ready for some peer review by the beginning of class on Wednesday.