Discussion Facilitation: "The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food"

  • Our discussion leaders for today are Team First Draft: Trevor, Edward, Dustin and Oscar
  • Please make sure you have your notes you took while reading the article with you.

Research Logs

  • Questions???
  • Make sure you've checked to see if there are any books, yes, books, on your topic!

Shout Out: What Are You Going to Research?

Summer II 2017 Research Topics

Multiple Perspectives

  • I'll need a volunteer who has decided on a topic.

Daily Writing

Please respond to the following prompts in Bb:

  • List as many perspectives on your topic that you can think of.
  • Do some more research, using more specific search terms, to find articles that represent specific perspectives. Try to stick in Academic Search Complete.
  • List the titles of articles you find under the specific perspective they represent. Include a Permalink.

Add to Your Research Log

Find some really cool sources through the Daily Writing activity? Add them to your Research Log.

10 Minute Break

Source Reviews

We'll go through this step by step. You should begin building your first Source Review as we go through this.

Rest of the Time:

Continue researching and adding sources to your Research Log ... AND...
Get some peer feedback on your 2nd blog post.


  • COMPLETE:The Bb assignment if you haven't already, or REVISE it if you changed your topic. Everyone needs to be married to a topic by Thursday!!!
  • DRAFT: The first of your 3 required Source Reviews. Bring this as both a printed and an electronic version on Wednesday. This counts as a homework grade.
  • READ:Section 3 in Naming What We Know (pp. 48-58). Take notes and bring these to class on Thursday.
  • READ: At least a couple of articles re. how to write effective blogs. You'll find links to all kinds of helpful articles (many of them discovered by my students!) in the Food Blog assignment link.
  • REVISE: your 2 blog posts. You should have one blog post on a recipe, or any topic of your choice. Your 2nd blog post should be based on your Rhetorical Analysis (WP 2). Have these polished, and ready to submit for feedback by the beginning of class on Thursday!