Writing Workshop

Connecting Your Research to NWWK

You may refer to your notes from Section 3 as you respond to the following prompts in today's Journal link in Bb.

  • Identify an article you've read during your research for WP 3 - the Research Journal. Based on this article, who is the author. What are his or her credentials?
  • Now that you've identified this, imagine what this writer's identity is...scientist? journalist? nutrition expert?
  • Based on this identity, and judging from the rhetorical stance the writer takes in the article, what identify his or her ideology -- liberal, conservative, European? Western? etc.
  • How has your own ideology and biography shaped your personal reaction to this piece of writing?
  • What kind of ideology do you think you are in the process of constructing based on your research of your chosen topic?

Source Reviews

Turn in the printed version of your Source Review as soon as you arrive. I'll give you feedback on these.

More on Perspectives

What are the three most important sub-topics or perspectives on your main research topic? What do you HAVE to KNOW to build a persuasive argument? What would the other side say to argue against you? Consider this as you choose the next article to review.

Draft Your 2nd Source Review

10 Minute Break

Review your Research Log

  • Spend a few minutes categorizing the articles on your Research Log by perspective. Does your research demonstrate a broad spectrum of ideas and opinions about your topic? What's missing? Fill in any gaps. You should have a minimum of 15 sources listed on your log. At least 5 of these should be peer reviewed, scholarly sources.

Decide on the Article for your 3rd Source Review

More Daily Writing

Pre-writing for the reflection.


  • Work on WP 3. By Monday, you should have completed your Research Log, drafted 3 Source Reviews, and you should have begun drafting your Research Reflection. Bring all your Research Journal materials to class in electronic form on Monday.
  • Work on your Food Blog. Keep polishing your blog posts. Convert one of your Source Reviews into a blog post.