Stop Start Go!

Thanks for your feedback! You asked...

  • Grammar and writing help:
    • Grammar Girl Answers any grammar questions w/ up to date info. Grammar rules are not static. She discusses "new" and evolving expectations.
    • Academic Phrase Bank Helps w/ academic writing by providing sample phrases for typical situations. This link is also on my navigation bar.
    • Purdue's OWL..not only is it a great resource for academic documentation, it's got a lot of helpful, interactive grammar, sentence and writing topic pages. Bookmark this specific page. It's a great help.
  • How 'bout some relief, Jen?
    • We are taking a breather on Wednesday. You're welcome.
  • More on Rhetoric?
    • This course is supposed to be focused solely on rhetoric. The brilliant minds who make four times my salary decided you only needed one writing course. Ergo, I had to ditch a lot of rhetoric, and add composition and writing theory. You should all complain mightily about this, imho. In the meantime, here's the link someone asked for. It's handy. Virtual Salt


  • Where ya at? (sic)
  • Make sure you publish your website. You have to do this before anyone else can see it.
  • If you haven't already, send me your URL to your Food Blog home page and a head shot photo so I can post this to our blog launch page.
  • What makes a blog a blog? What are the features of this genre?
  • What makes a blog compelling?
  • Another feature of blogs...they are interactive.
  • Read one blog post from each member of your writing group. Leave specific, constructive feedback in the comments section.

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WP 3 - Research Journal

You should be wrapping these up. Questions? Concerns?

  • Check out the RUBRIC
  • Use the rest of the class time to:
    • Give and receive peer feedback on your Research Reflection
    • Give and receive peer feedback on your 2nd and 3rd Source Reviews
  • Please put all the required elements for your Research Journal in a simple, paper folder. Have these ready to go by the beginning of class on Tuesday.


  • Finish WP 3.
  • READ: the handout on"Structuring Arguments." Take notes as you read this, and bring these to class on Tuesday. You may use your notes for the reading quiz we'll take, but you may not use the actual handout. Didn't get a handout? There are some in an envelope in the box outside my office door...Faculty Center 130.