Turn in WP 3 as soon as you arrive.

Structuring Arguments

Reading Quiz

You may use hand written notes for this.

Class Discussion and Framework

  • How will we make our arguments?
  • Check out the Argumentative Guide. What parts of this do you recognize from the reading?
  • We'll go through an example using a non-food topic.

10 minute break

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Finding a Reason to Write

  • Proposal argument?
    • What do you want to change? (Force manufacturers to reduce sodium in food.)
  • Causal argument?
    • What do you want people to do? (Stop eating processed food. It causes obesity and cancer)
  • Evaluative Argument?
    • What are the benefits of a vegan diet?
  • Arguments of Fact?
    • Prove the influence of agri-businesses and giant corporations lobbying on government policy

Daily Writing

Open the journal link for today and begin brainstorming on what you want to argue, based on your research. Next, begin completing the outline of your argument, using the Argumentative Guide


  • Research/Writing Day on Wednesday! We'll take a mid-session pause. Use the day to get caught up.
  • Finish outlining your argument. Bring this as a printed version to class on Thursday.
  • READ: "Race, Place and Obesity" by Kirby, et al.''' Our discussion leaders for Thursday, Rhetoric AF (Connor, Nate, Kasey). This group needs to be ready to lead our discussion/class activities on Thursday.
  • Work on your Food Blogs! You should have your first 3 blogs polished and published by Thursday.