Outline of WP 3 Due

Please give me a printed version of this.

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You'll bring me your "shitty first draft" of WP 3. I'll give you feedback. It's all good!

Questions about Building Your Argument???

  • Questions about these? Check out the opinion piece from the New York Times. Can you identify the different elements of Krugman's argument?

Peer Response: Argumentative Outline

  • Exchange outlines (electronic versions) with someone in your writing group. Does the outline make sense? Are the reasons logical? Does the writer accurately anticipate objections and effectively rebut them?
  • Use track changes and give your writer specific feedback.
  • SAVE a new version, with your comments. Email the edited version to your writer.

10 Minute Break

Food Blogs

I'll return feedback my feedback on your blogs. General comments:

  • Keep up with these. If you haven't posted at least three blogs, you are losing homework points. I know this is hard, but this is what professional writers deal with: deadlines and too many other things going on. Find time to write! (I am behind too, and need to follow my own advice!)
  • Make sure you have:
    • Visuals. Blogs should be VISUALLY driven. Captivate your reader.
    • Links. Make sure they are plentiful, RELEVANT, and research driven.
    • Polished prose (no grammar or surface errors). This is a biggee. It's probably the main issue with the blogs right now. PEER REVIEW!
    • You may still revise every blog. They won't be graded/graded until the last day of class. Get and receive peer feedback on these!
    • Ya'll are doing a great job of writing to your audience. I like the "voices" I'm hearing in these! Notice how everyone is writing "to" the class. You should always have this kind of a sense of audience every time you write! If you were a professional blogger, who would your audience be?
    • GENRE, GENRE, GENRE. The rhetorical analysis posts posed problems for many of you. For example, in-text citations don't belong in a blog...they don't fit this genre. Nor do list of sources, or bibliographies. Hmmm...how do professional bloggers cite sources? You're right in that you need to do it! Let's figure this out!
  • Keep revising and polishing every post!!! A paragraph or two isn't a sufficient post. Flesh out your topics. Use the comments you're receiving to generate new ideas to write about.
  • I've REALLY enjoyed reading your blogs!

REVISE your Outline

Make your revisions, then copy and paste the revised outline into a word document. SAVE this document and call it WP2 Draft 1.

Daily Writing

Create a daily writing link for today, and draft the background section of your paper. Here are some strategies to help you with this:

  • Use the journalist's questions: who, what, where, when, why, how. Answer all these questions about your topic.
  • Provide a chronological "timeline" for your reader. How did your issue/problem emerge? What are the key events in the "history" of your topic?
  • Provide key definitions of terms and key ideas that relate to your topic.

You'll need to provide enough context for this issue to set the stage for your actual argument. Use documented sources to establish all facts that are not common knowledge. Remember, also, to maintain a neutral voice in presenting the background. Just the facts, ma'am.


  • Copy and paste your pre-writing from today into your outline. Incorporate correct parenthetical documentation to support ALL factual statements that are not common knowledge (in other words, cite everything).
  • Next, Draft at least 3 reasons to support your claim, and provide evidence from documented sources to support each reason.
  • Last step: Draft at least 2 objections, and provide rebuttals (with documented evidence) to support your rebuttal.
  • Build a Works Cited list, based on the sources you've used so far into your draft.
  • Make any corrections to your parenthetical documentation that are needed.
  • Save this draft as WP3 Draft 1.
  • Bring a printed version and an electronic version to class tomorrow. This will count as a homework grade.