Discussion Facilitation # 3: "Race, Place & Obesity"

Our discussion leaders for today are: Rhetoric AF: Nate, Kasey & Connor.
Please make sure to have read the article, and bring your notes.

More on Argument

  • Turn in your argument outlines. These should be typed and printed, please
  • Questions about forming your argument?
  • Let's dissect an argument that uses classical structure: Paul Krugman Op-Ed

See if your claim "holds water."

Like a bucket with holes, your argument won't "hold water" if it has holes, or faulty logic.

  • Get into your Writing Groups
  • Read your main claim to your group mates.
  • Members of the group should offer arguments against the claim.
  • See if you can counter, or rebut, these arguments.

Take notes as you go through this exercise. Everyone should "test their claim" with the group.

  • Based on your group discussion, do you want to adjust your claim, objections, or rebuttals?

Before You Leave - Daily Writing

Add some remarks to today's daily writing about the feedback you received from your claim. Specifically notate the arguments your writing group made against your claim.

  • Are you going to revise your claim, objections or rebuttals?? How so?


  • If, for whatever reason, you have not yet read "Structuring Arguments" READ it. You will not succeed at the blog and the presentation unless you have a thorough understanding of this article.
  • Review your research: what precisely is it that you want to argue? Continue to work on your claim. Make sure you have a viable, arguable claim ready to go.
  • Bring a printed outline of your argument to class on Monday. I will give you feedback. Drop dead deadline for this homework assignment is Monday!
  • BEGIN DRAFTING your argumentative blog post. This will serve as the "backbone" to your argument you present in your Group Research Presentation.
  • READ: "The Changing Significance of Food" by Margaret Mead'''
    • The Abacus (Devin, Jose, Celeste) will lead our discussion on Monday.