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!!!Learning Community E Final Portfolio Rubric

If we have highlighted something, this is an area that less than adequately met this aspect of the assignment.


Total points: _______/50

_____ The writer sufficiently provides an introduction and context (or their personal ) for their learning and development over the first semester in Learning Community E and at university. (This will include a few sentences connecting their story to their role as a member of the learning community.)

_____The writer has a conclusion that brings their reflection of thesemester, discussion of academic work to a satisfactory close.(This will at a minimum include a final word on what was learned throughout the semester.)

_____The writer clearly discusses the significance of the evidence to his or her learning. The writer points to significant moments in their development, and in so doing answers the what? question.

_____ The reflection thoughtfully incorporates the developments of their Habits of Mind as a scholar in discussing their evidence.

_____The writer illustrates his or her development with an analysis of assignments from all Learning Community E classes.

_____The writer clearly introduces the evidence that is referenced in the essay.

_____The writer maintains a balance in his or her personal/academic voice.

_____The writer organizes their reflection with paragraphs that flow together in a logical way using transition sentences to lead from one thought to the next. Only one main idea is introduced in a paragraph.

_____The reflection follows correct MLA formatting conventions.

_____ Grammar and usage errors kept to a minimum. No sentence errors.

'''Organization/Presentation of Evidence'''

Total points: _______/50

_____Evidence from all Learning Community E classes is included.

_____All evidence that is included in the portfolio is discussed in the reflection (no extraneous evidence that confuses the reader is included).

_____The evidence that is included is appropriate, meaningful, and is clearly and thoughtfully chosen.

_____The contents of the portfolio are organized and easy for the reader to navigate.

_____ The presentation is professional.

'''Grade______ /Possible Points (100)''