Time to share what you know!!

I'm guessing that most of you know what a meme is. If not, here are some examples...

Your task:

In small groups, you will have the rest of the class time to create a meme based on your research topic or a habit of mind. The meme should connect to U.S. History!

If you have an existing Tumblr account and would prefer to use that, that is fine!


  • Feel free to be creative (but PG-13, please) with this! Do not be offensive, for real.
  • Your memes MUST be historically accurate with the content!
  • Your memes MUST be witty! Show off that sense of humor of yours!
  • Your memes MUST reflect your understanding of the material! Use your own ideas!(Don't google/use memes that already exist!)

When creating your memes make sure to address these questions:

  • Who is your intended audience? ( Learning community professors, other students in your History class, etc.)
  • What are you trying to get your audience to think, feel, believe, say and/or do?

When you're done, email us the link or the file that contains your memes: jennifer.bray@tamucc.edu and amanda.marquez@tamucc.edu by the end of class! Include your group section number and group members' names in your email- to receive full credit!