No Formal Class Meeting Today...Instead...

Make sure your homework from Wed. is posted to blackboard by the usual time (beginning of comp class).

Complete MLA Assignment Online:

You still need a citation, direct quote, and paraphrase from a primary source and from a scholarly journal article.

  • Use America History and Life to locate a scholarly, peer reviewed article. Access this database through the Triad C Library Guide
  • Your Seminar Leader should've given you guidance on locating primary source documents on Wed. In addition, you may use the Triad C Library Guide.

Post your Completed MLA Assignment to Blackboard no later than MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY.

Homework for the break:

Continue to build your research log, and begin READING, and TAKING NOTES ON the sources you intend to use for WP 4.

  • Post your completed Research Log, which must include a minimum of 15 sources, to Bb by the beginning of class on Monday, March 21.