Game Day!

  • Come in character!

Meet in OCNR 222 during your regular SEMINAR class time. WRITING and SEMINAR will COMBINE for a 75 minute class meeting.

Labor Has it's day! (The time has come for the Labor factions to present their platforms!)

  • Section 440: Marvin, Sal and Nathan
  • Section 441: Andrew, William and Kat

As the Labor faction presents their platform, all players (and audience members) will need to be making note of the following:

  • Villagers(Bohemians aka Indeterminates) must respond with questions and comments!
  • As you listen to their platform and speeches, you need to make note of the following:
  • How might the Labor faction be potential allies to your faction or cause?
  • Decide with whom your group may never agree?
  • Based on their speeches, who can, may and will or could influence YOUR ideas/beliefs in a significant way?
  • What counterarguments might you be able to offer Labor? Be prepared to challenge them!

Make certain to hold yourselves accountable to the RTTP Ground Rules for Discussion.


Begin working on WP 3. You should decide with whom you are working, and choose a genre.

If you haven't yet delivered your speech, practice! Make sure and to take some tips from a former Reacting to the Past student on how to give effective speeches: Lily Lamboy Speaking Videos
Strategize and prepare for Tuesday's game day. What can your faction or character do? Hand out pamphlets? Write a note to Mabel? Create buttons or posters? Be creative! Consult your RTTP text for ideas on how to earn PIPs!

  • You are encouraged to come and visit with me and Prof. Marquez during our office hours to get feedback on WP 3. You may also go to the Writing Center. If you go, be sure to get a slip, and have signed and stamped. I'll give you extra points on WP 3 for each visit.