WP 3 Workshop

Let's review the RUBRIC for WP 3

  • The MLA Assignment: we'll look at some examples and grade them, using the rubric
  • The Research Log: how many perspectives do you have represented in your log?

Research Reflection:

  • Identify audience, purpose and forum
  • Informal first person voice, yes. Bad paragraphing or poor sentence structure, no!
  • Peer Review...exchange drafts with someone in your Writing Group

Rest of the Time

  • Ask me questions
  • Make any needed corrections to your MLA Assignment
  • Make sure your Research Log has varied perspectives and at least 15 sources.
  • Revise your reflection


Please drop a PRINTED version of your Research Journal to my office no later than 5pm. You may staple your documents together, or stick them in a folder (NO BINDERS, PLEASE!!!). Please also print out a RUBRIC and include it with your submission.


Finish and refine your Group Proposal. Make sure you have in-text citations and a Works Cited list. Please bring one printed copy of your proposal, with all your group names in the MLA heading.
Study for the history exam! This exam covers a lot of ground. Practice writing out all the essays!