Portfolio Check

You should have lots of materials available for considering including in your end of the semester portfolio. Let's review the assignment: TriadCFinalPortfolio2016

  • Collect -- how are you organizing your Triad C materials?
  • Select -- what do you want to include so far?
  • Reflect -- we've been doing this throughout the semester. Make sure you are keeping all your reflective writing.
  • Questions about the final portfolio?

Reflection Time

Respond to the following prompts in Bb:

  • What pieces of evidence do you know you want to include in your portfolio so far? Why? What kinds of learning or writing do these pieces of evidence represent?
  • Who wrote your primary source document(s) you included in your Research Log? What do you think of these primary sources and the writer of these documents? How did this writing "go out into the world and make things happen?" Why did these pieces of writing resonate with you?
  • We are at the mid-term point in the semester: what piece of writing have you composed for Triad C that you are most proud of? Why? Describe your writing process for this piece of writing.
  • How do you plan to continue your growth as a writer? Lay out some specific goals and habits of mind you plan to achieve and adopt.


Study for the history exam! Make sure you have drafted all the essays!
For Wed: Bring electronic the version of your Research Log AND your text, EAA to class on Wed.