You won't meet in Seminar; instead Prof. Marquez will join us in Comp.

Turn in Research Team Presentation Proposals

These are due at the beginning of class. I only need one copy per presentation team. Please make sure these are printed and stapled.

Helllloooooo WP 3

  • As soon as you arrive, read the assignment description.
  • Next, read about GENRES on the OWL

Sample Genres Spring 2017

What Is It???

  • Get into Your Writing Groups
  • Each group will be assigned a rhetorical publication.
  • Do the following as a group. Someone take notes, and be ready to share your findings w/ the class.
    • What is it? Be specific.
    • What rules or customs dictate what this type of publication looks and sounds like?
    • What is the main point of the publication? What is the author/s of the publication asking its readers to DO?
    • Who is the intended audience?
      • Gender?
      • Age?
      • Geographic region/locale?
      • Is there a probable group affiliation (i.e. Democrat, Republican, Catholic, etc.?)
    • What history or background information is provided? Could this be enhanced?
    • Discuss the layout and presentation. Issues to consider:
      • Font style (this includes the actual font, use of headlines, bold/italics/word art etc.
      • Use of color
      • Use of visuals
      • What else about the layout???

Genre Presentations

Each group presents their assigned publication, along with a detailed critique.

Last 15 Minutes

Questions about Exam 2???


  • Presentation Proposals: If your presentation team has not given me a proposal, you need to do this by the next class meeting. Your team will not be allowed to present unless I receive a proposal. Remember, the Research Presentation counts in all 3 LC E classes.

This sort of throws our discussion about genres on its head, right? But in today's digitized world, lines between medium and genre are becoming more and more fluid. For example, the print handouts we provided in class are also readily available on the sponsors' websites. Given this, think of who you want to communicate to, and, given who this intended audience is, decide on the best way to reach them.
Based on our discussion today, come to class on Thursday with a specific idea for how you want communicate your message for WP 3 in mind. In doing this, you need to identify your intended audience. With whom do you want to share your views on the current issue and your historical framework knowledge? Come also with some concrete ideas about your genre/medium. Do you want to use a social media platform and include both a flyer and links to resources? Do you want to create a blog post? Do you want to produce flyers to hand out at an event on campus???