Last Call for TEAM PRESENTATION Proposals

Your team will NOT be scheduled to present unless I get a proposal.

Genre Presentation

  • And the points go to...
  • Section 255 more genre presentation

Daily Writing

Based on the readings assigned on Tuesday, and our class discussion on Tuesday, please respond to the following prompts in blackboard:

  • How are you connecting your historical topic to a current event or social issue?
  • What is your stand?
  • What is my purpose for writing? What do you want to happen? What do you want your audience to think, feel, say, believe or do? Do you want them to join a cause? Sign a petition? Become more aware? Actively protest against something??
  • Who is my target audience? (Why does this particular audience need to get your message?)


  • What is the best genre for my writing given my purpose and intended audience?
  • What are the conventions and limitations for the genre that I have chosen?

Write a Working Thesis for WP 3

Let's re-visit the OWL's advice on thesis statements. Remember, you're not "marrying" this thesis yet, but you do have to figure out what it is you want to argue, and probably narrow your focus a bit.

  • Frederick Douglass Example
  • Add a working thesis to your daily writing.
  • Let's look at some working thesis statements and see if we can't revise them.

If there's time...

Use today's daily writing to begin drafting your proposal for WP 3.


  • READ Concept 2 in Naming What We Know. This includes section 2.0 - 2.6 pp.35-47. Be ready to discuss and write about the concepts in SEMINAR on Tuesday.
  • REVISE your WP 3 proposal. This document should follow correct MLA formatting guidelines, and should include correct signal phrases and/or in-text citation. A Works Cited list must be attached. Please bring a printed, stapled proposal to class on Tuesday. Please don't email me this assignment unless there is a DIRE circumstance. I won't accept these late.
  • CHECK the Research Teams & Topics LCE link. If your name isn't listed in a group or as an individual presenter, or if your group has to resubmit a proposal, MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE THIS BY TUESDAY. Groups and individuals who do not submit a proposal and have it approved will NOT be allowed to present at the end of the semester.