An Evening with Mabel Dodge... Welcome Greenwich Villagers and Friends!!

  • Mabel (Mistress of Ceremonies)
    • Distinguished visitors invited by Mabel to speak at the Salon; selected speakers take questions from the audience
    • Mabel Dodge alone decides if the speakers' performances deserves a reward. She must make a five minute speech after the presentations and follow up discussion. She awards points and explains why she has made her decision.
  • Emma Goldman will take the floor to challenge the views of all of the perspectives she has heard!

Welcome back to Polly's, for the After-Party... Greenwich Villagers and Friends!!

  • Players take the floor!(Polly will decide how much time you have to perform/lead your activity!)
  • Players take the floor!

Reminders and announcements:

  • After Spring Break... The next sessions will be centered around.... Thus Speak the Masses and the Vote!
  • Max Eastman, editor of THE MASSES will give a short lecture and announce the pieces he has selected for publication!
  • Need extra help in History? Make time to attend the Supplemental Instruction sessions this semester for HIST 1302.