Questions about WIX?

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  • Make sure you have published your post. You must be out of edit mode. Copy and paste the link to your published post.
  • Make sure you have a comment section posted. You do not have to use the FaceBook comment feature.
  • Use the above link to look at your peers' blogs. Be sure and leave comments. If someone posts a comment, blog etiquette requires you to respond to the comment.

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How to Create a Compelling Power Point

  • Make sure you use Prof. Marquez's template for the content of your power point.
  • Break out of the evil PowerPoint template mode! Here's how!

Sign Up for Presentation Slots


  • Work on your group presentation. Bring all your presentation materials to Seminar and Comp on Wed.
  • Reminder...your presentation should clearly be research based. Make sure each presenter discusses a primary source document. Make sure you reference key sources. For example, "According to the book, The Alamo, by Jose Ruiz, blah blah blah."
  • Need a tri-fold poster board? You can score a free one by bringing a non-perishable item to the First Year office!