Peer Review of "New Genre"

  • Exchange electronic drafts with someone in your Writing Group
  • Editors: Use Track Changes & Try to Figure Out:
    • Whats the genre -- blog? pamphlet? Op-Ed piece, etc.?
      • How is the writer doing with complying with the conventions of this genre?
    • Who's the intended audience>
      • Does this genre reach the intended audience? Why or why not?
    • Meat & Potatoes?
      • Is the writer's message substantive?
      • Clearly stated claim?
        • Well argued? Persuasive???
      • Historical references that support the argument???
  • Editors...write a final note to your writer about your feedback/suggestions for improvements

Questions about First Year Symposium???

  • Class Discussion
  • Group meetings...I'll float around and give each group some feedback.


  • REVISE your "new" genre based on the feedback you received today from your peers. Also, make sure and review the feedback Professor Marquez and I provided on the New Genre drafts you submitted last Friday on Blackboard.
  • The FINAL draft of your "new genre" is due via blackboard no later than 5pm on Monday, November 21 via Black Board.
  • FYI, the FINAL drafts of both the Critical Analysis and the New Genre will be graded individually. These two grades will be averaged and this is what will comprise your WP 3 grade. WP 3 counts in all three LC E classes...history, seminar and comp.

Looking Ahead:

  • Over the break:
    • Continue to work on your First Year Symposium project
    • Continue to compile/build your portfolio. Begin drafting your Reflective Overview for your portfolio.
  • Monday, November 28th - we will NOT meet in our regular meeting rooms. Comp and Seminar will combine for presentations. The schedule will be posted on Monday's class plans. Your group MUST be ready to present...tri-fold, power point, etc. This is when you will be evaluated (GRADED!).
  • Wednesday, November 30th- Learning Community E is scheduled to present their research on Wednesday, November 30th! The First Year Symposium is scheduled to take place from 9-3pm in the University Center Ballrooms on the 1st floor. Your Learning Community E classes WILL NOT meet on that day! Here is the First Year Symposium Schedule: FYS Presentation Schedule