The WP 3 Texas Two Step

Yep...we are working on two different papers for this project. #whatthe%$#*weretheythinking?

WP 3 - The Critical Analysis

  • Questions? Concerns?
  • You should have this puppy about drafted...everything except your thesis statement. We'll work on that for homework and in Seminar on Wed. Hugs to Prof. Marquez!
  • That pesky MLA thang...FEAR NOT!
    • Writing consultants from the Writing Center will be coming to our class on Wed. to help you with MLA!!! What you need to do to prepare to get the most out of Wednesday's workshop:
      • DO THIS FIRST: Build your Works Cited list.
      • A word about MLA 7th ed. vs. MLA 8th ed...God help us all. Just be consistent.
    • Bring your WORKS CITED list, as best you are able to create it, as part of both an electronic and an printed version of your most recent draft of WP 3- the Critical Analysis to class on Wed.

WP 3 - The Persuasive Genre

Yep, that's should be rhetorically powerful and argumentative. This piece of writing should connect your historical topic to a modern day issue; take a stand. Make an appeal. Choose the genre that best suits your target audience. Let's talk about 'em (and I added a new one I think you might like!)

  • Newspaper Op-Ed piece (you could post this onto your Tri-Fold @ FYS) Check out the opinion piece from the New York Times.
  • Letter to key player (you could post this onto your Tri-Fold @ FYS, OR hand out copies)
  • Magazine or newspaper article (again...think about lay out and design if you do could be a very cool multi-modal project)
  • Pamphlet directed to your PEERS! (Typical tri-fold pamphlet using a template in Publisher...think about being able to hand these out at FYS!)
  • Press Release (think of this genre as a call to action that announces an initiative, an event, or a new online resource. You should consider this if you really think you're going to continue to work on this project outside of class.
  • Blog Post: this is something you could actually publish and put out into the world. How cool is that??

Daily Writing

Revisit your ideas about which genre you want to use for the 2nd part of WP 3. Brainstorm your ideas...then get ready to write!

REMINDER: complete the online assignment for Prof. Marquez. will this assignment help you with a major project you have coming due at the end of the semester???


  • CREATE: your Works Cited list if you haven't already for WP 3 - The Critical Analysis.
    • MLA 7th or 8th? God help us. Just pick one and be consistent.
  • BRING: your most recent draft...with a Works Cited list to class on Wed, both as an electronic and print version. The WC consultant's will more than likely be asking you to work w/ both. The WC Consultants will be coming to us on Wed...we'll meet in our regular classroom.
  • READ: about formulating a thesis statement
    • Remember, just like the example in this reading, your paper will primarily analyze a historical piece of writing that "went out into the world and made something happen." The example in this reading, the movie Sixteen Candles did the same was just a piece of writing (a screenplay...translated into a different genre...a MOVIE) that went out into the world...and had a pretty big impact on my (admittedly oldster) generation. Think about it...this movie came out in's definitely a historical piece of writing...LOL! SOOOOOO...your thesis could be modeled in an amazingly similar way to the example in this article!
  • WRITE: your intro/thesis for the WP3Critical Analysis. Bring the intro/thesis to your paper as a printed version to SEMINAR on Wednesday. This will count not only as a participation grade in Seminar, but a homework grade for me. Thesis statements were problematic with WP 1; we are really trying to help you with these!