8am & 11am Classes ONLY:


Please report directly to the WC in CASA (Room 112 in Glasscock) for an MLA workshop!

  • Please bring the most recent version of your WP 3 Critical Analysis, both in print and electronic form. The consultants will likely ask you to work with both forms during the workshop.
  • Ideally, you will have already created your Works Cited list and this will be attached to your draft. If you haven't yet created your Works Cited list for this paper, bring an electronic version of your Research Log, or whatever materials you need to help you access and create correct MLA citations for your Works Cited list.
  • The consultants will help us create correct in-text citations during this workshop (yah-hoo!), and review basic MLA stuff (which most of you still need!)

REMINDER: complete the online assignment for Prof. Marquez. Hmmm...how will this assignment help you with a major project you have coming due at the end of the semester???


  • REVISE: your Works Cited list and in-text citations based on our workshop today. This stuff counts 10% of your grade on this paper! Get it right! Remember, you can consult OWL re. in-text citations, as these are the same whether you're using MLA 7th Edition or 8th Edition.
  • READ: about formulating a thesis statement
    • Remember, just like the example in this reading, your paper will primarily analyze a historical piece of writing that "went out into the world and made something happen." The example in this reading, the movie Sixteen Candles, did the same thing...it was just a piece of writing (a screenplay...translated into a different genre...a MOVIE) that went out into the world...and had a pretty big impact on my (admittedly oldster) generation. SOOOOOO...your thesis could be modeled in an amazingly similar way to the example in this article!
  • WRITE: your intro/thesis for the WP3Critical Analysis. Bring the intro/thesis to your paper as a printed version to SEMINAR on Wednesday. This will count not only as a participation grade in Seminar, but a homework grade for me. Thesis statements were problematic with WP 1; we are really trying to help you with these!
  • Be ready for your reading quiz in Seminar on Wed.